Robin Vermeer | Trader (Sales/Purchase)

Robin started working for Kleyn in 2003 through an ex-employee, and has built an impressive and loyal client base. Some of his buyers have become his close friends, who appreciate his straightforward manner and sense of humour. In his spare time Robin loves travelling, fishing and trucks, and goes on special road trips with his wife and kids. He appreciates a good laugh, good wine and good food, often prepared by himself.

Robin at work
The relation with his customers and co-workers is the most important aspect of his work. He has a lot of experience and technical knowledge, both of which he fully applies to support his customers through the entire purchase process.  He speaks Dutch, English, German and Russian, and trades mostly with buyers from the Netherlands and Eastern Europe. Eight years ago he lost his heart to the Russian and Ukranian culture, and enjoys trips every year to Russia, Ukraine, Baltic States and the Kaukasus.  Robin loves the technology and the scale of trucks, and his mission is to ensure Kleyn Trucks continues to be the best and largest used truck dealer of Europe.
Languages: Dutch, English, Russian
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